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– The brain injury that killed a Georgia woman and her two sons has left a deep emotional toll on a family that includes her two grandchildren.

Key points:Lawyers say the family could have been helped by the death of their grandfather in the caseLawyers argue the family should have been offered support in the first placeIt is a case that could have led to the release of information that could help with the diagnosis and treatment of dementiaLawyers for the family say the deaths of their father, grandfather and the family dog should have led them to the discovery of their loved one, but it is a legal issue they are still trying to work throughThe case of Georgia woman Katherine Williams, 72, and her son, Joseph Williams, 59, is a “horrific tragedy”, according to her lawyers.

They say the death was a tragic accident that left Katherine, her husband and two sons with permanent damage to their brains.

But the case was “a tragic accident, an accident that could and should have saved their lives”, said Robert G. Johnson, the attorney representing the family.

“It was a tragedy that could only have happened in the hands of Katherine Williams and Joseph Williams.

It is not a case of an accident,” Mr Johnson said.

“It is the tragic death of a loved child, a loved mother and a loving grandmother, and that is what this case is all about.”

The case has been heard by the Georgia State Board of Medical Examiners and is scheduled to go to the judge for a decision.

Lawyers have argued that the death should have happened earlier, and the state should have offered assistance to Katherine and Joseph.

“If we had been offered help before Katherine’s death, the outcome of this case would have been much different,” Mr Williams said.

“The state should not have taken that decision.”

The family is asking for $50,000 to help with costs for Katherine’s funeral and medical bills.

The case is the latest in a string of such deaths that have hit Georgia.

In May, a Florida woman died after a falling tree fell on her while she was visiting relatives.

In June, a woman was killed after falling out of a third-floor window in New Orleans after being hit by a car.

The family’s lawyer, Scott J. Stemple, said the death is a tragedy and a “very difficult one” for the Williams family.

Mr Stemples said it is not yet known how the family will cope after the accident.

“There are so many emotions that this family must be feeling,” he said.

It’s a case they are trying to figure out how to proceed.

“Mr Stempple said the family would ask the court to order an autopsy to help determine what happened.”

They want the state to provide an autopsy for Katherine,” he added.”

And I think the state will need to be willing to do that.

“Mr Williams is due to give birth to their third child, who was born in September.

The Williams family also has a petition on the court’s website seeking a change in the law to give them a right to a public hearing.

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