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By JANES MCDANIEL | FOX SPORTS SEATTLE The following is a guest post from Dr. Scott Eichner, a neurologist who treats children with epilepsy.

He is the executive director of the National Center for Epilepsy Research and has spent the last 30 years studying how to treat epilepsy in children. 

This article first appeared in the August/September 2017 issue of Neurology Magazine. 

In addition to its own editorials, USA TODAY publishes diverse opinions from outside writers, including our Board of Contributors.

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The symptoms of seizures can include:Headaches and other muscle aches and pains, sometimes with the onset of an aura or other visual or auditory hallucinations;Disorientation or difficulty in following instructions, such as talking, walking or even driving;Dizziness and lightheadedness, especially in children;Headaches or dizziness in adults, especially those with epilepsy;Muscle weakness and weakness of balance and balance of coordination in children, especially children who are older than 10 years old;Mood changes, irritability, lack of interest in everyday activities and a loss of interest or motivation in social situations.

These symptoms can last for days or even weeks and can worsen as a child grows older. 

To treat the symptoms, doctors can use drugs that block seizure activity, like steroids, or medication, like an anti-epileptic drug, or they can try a combination of treatments, such a neuroprotective treatment or a drug that helps control seizures. 

But for children who have not been diagnosed with epilepsy, these treatments are not enough.

They are often the only options available to them.

For children with seizures, medications that block seizures are more likely to help the child.

But these drugs have drawbacks.

Drugs that block the brain’s natural seizure activity can also cause serious side effects, including seizures that can be life-threatening. 

Some children, for example, cannot tolerate the drugs or develop other side effects that interfere with their lives. 

These side effects can include seizures, coma and death.

In some cases, children with severe epilepsy may have seizures for months or even years, sometimes without the proper treatment. 

Sometimes, the child will not respond to treatment.

Other times, the seizures may cause problems in their lives, including suicide or suicide attempts. 

So, doctors often use medications that have been shown to be more effective at controlling seizures.

But for most children with the condition, those drugs are not necessary. 

For most children, seizures can be controlled by medications and by psychotherapy. 

Even if the child is able to tolerate the medications, they may not be able to continue with therapy because they are too fatigued or depressed. 

“There is a lot of confusion and confusion,” said Dr. Mark S. Kravitz, the medical director of Pediatric Epileptic Disease at the University of Michigan School of Medicine.

“It is like you are looking at a giant, blind house of cards.

It is hard to find the right person.

It’s a mystery.”

Children with severe epileptic seizures have different symptoms than other children, and the symptoms are different for each child. 

Many children have mild seizures that last only a few minutes, while others have seizures that go on for hours or days.

For most people, the symptoms of a seizure usually are mild and they may improve as the child gets older.

“When we are looking for a medication that is effective for treating seizures, we look at how the drug interacts with other drugs that have a similar effect,” said Michael J. Littman, M.D., a professor of neurology and neurosurgery at the Cleveland Clinic and senior author of a review paper published in July in Epilepsia.

“The more severe the seizures, the more the drug interaction is going to be important.”

The side effects of medications that control seizures can vary greatly from person to person.

Some children with very severe seizures will be more sensitive to medications.

But many people will respond well to medications that are effective for children with mild or moderate seizures.

And some children will respond better to medications used to treat mild seizures.

In children with moderate seizures, seizures tend to be less severe and more frequent.

The seizures usually go on longer and last longer than those in children with extreme seizures.

For these children, the medications are often very effective.

“These children are not in any way disabled, they just have more of the normal symptoms of moderate seizures,” Dr. Lattman said.

“For children that are seizure-free, we use medications like dexamethasone, which is a drug used to prevent seizures, to try to reduce the number of seizures.”

But children with some severe seizures may not respond well.

And if seizures are severe, medications may be necessary.

“If seizures are a concern, you might need to use

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