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The following is an excerpt from The Lad Book, a memoir by the legendary neurologist, neurologist and author of “Brain on Fire: The Surprising Story of Brain on Fire.”

It is reprinted here with permission from the publisher.

The most profound and profound transformation in my life came during my first visit to North Shore Neurology, a small, but influential research center in the North Shore of New York.

In 1984, my daughter, a neurologist at the Northshore, was born.

It was at this moment that the trauma that had begun in my childhood, when I was abused by my mother and my father, began to take a profound and debilitating toll on my psyche.

And as I looked down at my daughter’s head and looked at her tiny body, I saw a picture of my mother, of the little girl she had been when she was born and the little baby she was going to be when she grew up.

The trauma I was going through, it was such a terrible, terrible thing.

It had taken over my life.

It has been an awful, horrible, devastating experience.

But I have been fortunate in my lives to have been able to learn so much from this experience, to have had a strong understanding of the importance of trauma in my family.

I was fortunate in that I could learn so many things about how to heal.

When I was in the hospital, it felt like there was nothing else to do, that I had to do everything in my power to get through it.

I started reading about the neurophysiology of trauma.

I got to know neuroscientists.

I found that I knew more about trauma than most doctors do.

I went to the trauma center and I met with the trauma patients.

And then I got my first book deal.

That was a big breakthrough.

I had the confidence to do something.

I would get a book deal in 1984, and I started writing.

The following excerpt was taken from The Brain on the Beach, a biography by Dr. David Spiegelman.

It is available on Amazon and at the WND Superstore.

It also can be purchased in paperback on Amazon.org.

Dr. Spiegelman: I had an amazing, wonderful life.

My family was amazing.

My mother had a wonderful, wonderful career in law and medicine.

She was the wife of a great doctor, the father of my children, the husband of the mother of my daughter.

And my father was a great man.

He was a wonderful man, and we lived in the most beautiful neighborhood in Manhattan.

We were both doctors.

My father was very proud to be a doctor.

My brother, my sister, my uncle, my cousins, my extended family all were all doctors.

So, my father had a great education, and my mother had one.

My grandmother was a very, very good woman.

She taught history in high school.

She studied at the University of Pennsylvania.

She went to Harvard.

She came from an Irish Catholic family.

She had a fantastic, wonderful upbringing.

My maternal grandfather was a distinguished attorney.

He knew how to deal with people, he had great integrity.

My mom had a very successful career as a neurologicist.

She got her degree in neurology.

She took it very seriously.

And she was also a wonderful woman.

I remember being in highschool, when we had the Christmas dinner, and she was sitting on my lap.

I think it was my first Christmas in high and dry school, and it was the only Christmas I ever had, so I had no idea how to react.

I don’t remember what we were doing.

But she was very excited to say, “Hi, you and your brother, your sister, your cousins and your uncle, and your grandparents, we’ve got a wonderful Thanksgiving.”

And then she had a picture in her head of me with my grandfather.

I have a photo of my grandfather in my head, but it doesn’t look like it.

But, it looked so good, and there was this very wonderful memory in my brain of my father sitting there with my family, all of my relatives, my great grandfather.

And I remember going, “Oh my God.”

My family had just left, and as I was leaving my house, I remembered seeing her picture in my mind.

I said, “You know, I never thought of you like that.”

And she said, I just had to remember this picture.

I looked at it, and then I remembered my father.

And it was like, “Ahhhhh.”

She was my great grandmother.

My great grandmother was the best woman.

My grandpa was a world-class doctor, and he was one of the finest physicians I have ever met.

But we were just so happy, that we were getting the Christmas Dinner together.

We had all these wonderful memories.

I mean, my grandfather was such an

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