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People over 60 should stop taking aspirin and take ibuprofen to prevent strokes in older people, according to the American Neurological Association (ANA). 

Dr. Thomas Barch, senior director of neurosurgery at the Mayo Clinic in Minnesota, told Business Insider the study showed there is no reason to avoid taking aspirin.

“The study shows that people over 60 who take aspirin have a greater risk of stroke than those who do not,” Dr. Barch said.

“The difference in stroke risk is not that large and may be due to lifestyle factors such as alcohol consumption, smoking, and obesity.”

It is important to understand the risk of strokes in the older population and to make choices that reduce the risk.

People at risk for stroke may benefit from the use of statins, which are well-studied and have been shown to lower the risk,” he added.

The study also showed that taking aspirin for at least four weeks was also linked to a lower risk of having a stroke in the elderly.

Dr. Bch wrote in the report that the study is a “wake up call” for doctors.

If a patient needs to have a stroke, doctors should advise that they stop taking any aspirin, and instead consider taking statins.”

Our results are encouraging and provide some new insight into the potential benefit of statin use in older persons,” Dr Barch wrote.

Dr. Michael Gershon, an associate professor of neurology at the University of Maryland School of Medicine, said that while the study does not provide definitive evidence of stroke in people over 50, it does suggest that the current guidelines may not be the best option.”

We are seeing this increased use of aspirin, which is not going to be as effective in older age, because of the risk for strokes and heart disease,” Dr Gerson said.

He added that doctors should also consider taking an exercise program that includes cardiovascular and respiratory exercises.”

I think the most important thing to do is not assume that people are always going to take aspirin,” Dr Sperling said.

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