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A neurologist told Vice News the best way to make a good decision about whether to get your meds is to be completely honest.

Dr. David Lipsky, a neurosurgeon who specializes in neurology and is also a co-founder of the Neurodiversity Network, said, “I’ve seen enough people take the pill and get the drugs that it’s no longer a question of, ‘How can I make this medication better?'”

Dr. Lipskey says that when it comes to making a drug decision, the person’s brain is more complex than most people realize.

“Most people, including doctors, would not make decisions based on their emotions,” he said.

“I see people with Parkinson’s, and they’re upset that they’re taking these drugs and they feel so terrible that they don’t know how to make that choice.”

Lipsker is a clinical neurologist at Johns Hopkins Hospital and a professor at Harvard Medical School.

He believes people can learn a lot about their brain by looking at their emotions.

“What they really need to look at is their ability to reason,” he explained.

“So, what are their emotions, what do they need to know about their emotional state, what is their cognitive state, and what is what is his emotional state?”

Lipski believes people with severe depression can benefit from a med to help ease their depression.

“You can say, ‘OK, now is the time to take this med,'” he explained, “and that’s what the med will do.

They’ll give you the antidepressant, and you’re going to have a good time and get a lot of good stuff.

And it will help you be able to live a healthier life.”

For many people, it’s easier to take a medication that makes them feel better and to be able control their symptoms, like taking Prozac or Paxil, than it is to make the decision to get a medication and get better.

But Lipsko believes that the same thing can happen with the brain.

“The brain has evolved to be very sophisticated,” he noted.

“We can’t make an emotional decision based on how we feel.”

Lipsky says there are certain things that can help you decide whether to do a medication, and there are others that you can’t.

“There are certain emotions, and certain brain states that can make decisions about how you want to behave,” he concluded.

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