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The best way to keep yourself and others from getting hit with the devastating effects of the coronavirus is to take a few steps ahead of the pandemic, according to a new study published by Harvard Medical School neurology researchers.

Dr. James Miller, who was not involved in the study, says the brain-to-brain communication between the two patients in the trial is a critical part of survival.

Miller said that he and his team used EEG technology to monitor the brain activity of the patient and his patient, and they found that when they took the patient to see Dr. Miller’s team for their brain scans, they noticed that the patient’s brain activity appeared to be much more active.

In fact, they found an increased frequency of activity in areas of the brain that were responsible for decision-making, and that this was most pronounced in areas involved in processing the information presented by the patient.

This is a significant finding because it is the first time we have found a correlation between brain activity and brain activity, Miller said.

“There is no question that the brains of people who get this infection have an effect on their own brains,” he said.

Miller, who has been studying the effects of coronaviruses since they first appeared in humans, said that this finding provides evidence that the virus is causing brain changes in people who are exposed to it, as well as the effect of the virus on the brains’ connections to each other.

Dr, Daniela P. Carneiro, a neurologist at the University of Sao Paulo in Brazil, who wasn’t involved in either study, said she was not surprised by the finding.

“It’s very hard to predict how people will react to this virus because there are many unknown factors,” she said.

“We know that it causes a lot of changes in the brain, and this research provides some evidence that some of those changes might be related to the effects that the brain is experiencing.”

Miller and his colleagues published their findings in the American Journal of Neurology.

The study looked at the brains and spinal cord of 21 healthy volunteers who had contracted the coronivirus and who had been diagnosed with the disease.

The volunteers had previously been treated with a common anti-COVID-19 medication called methotrexate, which is used to prevent infection from COVID-2.

The patients in this trial had been treated for coronaviral infections in the past.

The researchers said that the patients were asked to complete a survey and answer questions about their mental health, physical health and social functioning, as a way of assessing their response to the coronovirus.

The researchers then asked the patients to complete tests to measure their level of connectivity between the brain and spinal column.

The results showed that people who had not been vaccinated with COVID had an increase in the number of neurons in the hippocampus, a brain region involved in learning and memory.

The hippocampus has also been linked to other aspects of cognitive function, including the ability to recall information, and is a key part of the human brain that helps us learn.

“This finding suggests that the increased number of neuronal connections may be related not only to learning, but also to the processing of information,” the researchers wrote.

“This could explain why some people, particularly those with less connectivity, tend to have poorer performance on memory tasks.”

The researchers also found that people with the virus had increased levels of c-fos, a protein that helps the brain communicate with the immune system, and decreased levels of a protein called synaptophysin, which helps the immune systems sense the body’s own body cells.

This protein is normally produced in the immune cells and is thought to be essential for healthy immune functioning.

The scientists said that because these changes occurred within hours of the infection, they could not tell whether the brain changes were the result of the COVID virus, or a response to other factors that were not immediately known.

Miller also said that while there were some other factors affecting the brain’s ability to process information, these changes are not likely to affect people who have not been exposed to the virus.

“I think the finding that the connections between the cortex and spinal cords are being affected is quite significant,” he told CNN.

“I think this is one of the first studies that has directly linked the changes in connectivity to the brain.”

Miller is now planning to test whether the findings are replicated in people in his own clinical trials.

He said that there are several studies to be done to see if people who were vaccinated can have similar brain changes, including whether they can improve the accuracy of brain imaging.

He said that his team plans to begin recruiting patients who have been diagnosed as having the coronvirus to begin a phase two study of the drug methotretate.

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