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On a summer day in August, a group of young men sit on the couch at Fort Wayne Neurology and play video games.

The game is Call of Duty: Black Ops II.

The conversation moves from the newest shooter in the franchise, Call of Juarez: Bound in Blood, to the fact that Fort Wayne is home to the largest concentration of military veterans in the U.S.

A group of five men sits around the gaming table with the TV on.

A man from the front of the room is playing Call of the Dead, a zombie survival game that has become a popular game for veterans.

The video game is in the background.

A young man with a beard and a baseball cap walks up to the table, looks at the man and whispers, “It’s not that bad.”

“It’s a really good game,” the young man says.

“It makes you want to keep playing.”

Fort Wayne neurology specializes in treating veterans with post-traumatic stress disorder and other mental health conditions.

The facility treats more than 40,000 veterans annually.

The game is a popular title for Fort Wayne veterans.

It’s one of the games that the hospital and veterans groups play during the summer, when many of them have to take time off to recover from traumatic brain injuries.

The group plays the game until the player loses interest.

When the player returns, it’s over.

Veterans are asked to play through each of the four main missions of the game in order to complete the story.

At the end of each mission, they’re rewarded with money.

Fort Wayne has been a stronghold for the National Guard since it was established in 1954.

But the veterans who attend the hospital get a chance to spend a little time away from their families.

The veteran community has been at odds over the past several years.

A number of veterans are angry about the way the military is treating them.

A group of former soldiers and their family members are suing the government over what they claim is a culture of neglect and discrimination.

The veterans who come to Fort Wayne have come to see a system in place that has made it difficult for them to live their lives.

Some are getting out of the military to get the best care they can from a mental health professional.

The military says they have a strong record and are able to handle veterans’ mental health issues.

The Army has denied that claim.

Veteran Richard Bock, who is in his 50s, says he’s seen his condition worsen with age.

“It used to be that if I went to the doctor and said I needed help, he’d help me,” Bock said.

“Now he’s like, ‘You don’t need help.

I’m not going to help you.’

I’m like, I’m in the military and I’m trying to help my people, and I just don’t have any control over it.”

Veterans and their families also want the military, which they see as a burden on taxpayers, to provide more resources for mental health care.

They say that money that the government spends on health care for military veterans has gone to hospitals that treat veterans for mental illnesses, not for mental illness themselves.

The VA, which is funded by the federal government, has provided some help to FortWay veterans, but it has not provided mental health services to veterans like Bock.

The Army also denies that mental health problems are being neglected at FortWay.

In a statement, the military said: “We work closely with the VA and the Department of Veterans Affairs to ensure that our veterans are provided the care and services they need.

We are committed to ensuring that veterans are treated with dignity, respect and respect for all our service members, and that their care is treated with integrity and sensitivity.”

FortWay neurology said in a statement to NBC News that the veterans’ complaints about mental health facilities are inaccurate and have been dismissed by the VA.

In the past year, the Fort Wayne hospital has been under scrutiny for a series of problems.

A former VA contractor was convicted in a VA scandal and sentenced to prison for mishandling veterans’ disability claims.

And the VA was accused of using taxpayer money to reimburse doctors for unnecessary care.

In a lawsuit filed in federal court in March, a former Fort Wayne neurologist was charged with stealing $3 million from the VA to cover up his wrongdoing.

He pleaded guilty in February to a misdemeanor count of falsifying documents to conceal the scheme.

A federal judge dismissed the charges, and prosecutors dropped the case in May.

The VA declined to comment.

The Fort Wayne case is not the only one that has caused concern.

In August, the VA settled a lawsuit by a former soldier with PTSD for $50,000.

The soldier had sued the VA for allegedly failing to provide adequate care for him and his family.

The judge ruled that VA officials were “reckless and negligent in failing to adequately supervise and supervise the care of the injured veteran,” and that the VA “was negligent and negligent to allow the veteran’s

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