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The brain surgery that is more likely to save your life than any other treatment has been found to be cheaper and less invasive than the surgery that most doctors currently recommend, according to a study published in the Journal of Neurology & Neurosurgery.

The study examined the cost-effectiveness of neurosurgery in 20 countries and found that in some instances, it was less invasive and less expensive than the standard brain surgery.

The study looked at all neurosurgeries, including brain surgery, but did not include non-neurosurgery procedures.

“There is an enormous need for this kind of treatment because we can’t find the treatment for many of the conditions that are causing the majority of our morbidity and mortality,” said study author John F. Jorgensen, MD, a professor of neurology at Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine.

“And if we can reduce the number of complications from those complications, that is much better than having to have more surgeries.”

The cost-saving effect was apparent when the authors looked at the overall costs of all brain surgeries.

The cost of brain surgery in the United States for patients with a brain injury was $17,856 per year in 2010, compared to $6,800 in Germany and $9,700 in Spain, the study said.

The overall cost of the brain surgery performed in the U.S. in 2010 was $20,717, while it was $16,074 in Germany.

In most cases, neurosurgeons are performing procedures that have not been performed before, Jorgenson said.

For example, the surgery most often performed in Germany is a partial brain bypass.

In contrast, in the rest of the world, brain surgery is performed on the left side of the head and typically involves some type of surgery to the brainstem, a structure that connects the brain to the rest and which is sometimes referred to as the “spleen.”

In some cases, the surgical procedure can involve the removal of the entire right hemisphere of the spinal cord, which in some cases can result in a loss of function.

In a second analysis, the authors calculated the total cost of all neurosurgical procedures for each country and compared that to the total costs of the surgery performed on that country.

In countries where more people had surgery, the cost of neurosurgically performed procedures was significantly lower than the overall cost.

For instance, in Germany, the total brain surgery cost was $4,634 in 2010 compared to the cost in Spain of $8,836.

In some countries, such as the U and U.K., the cost per patient was significantly higher than the average cost.

In some cases where more procedures were performed, the overall average cost was significantly greater than the cost for the procedure performed in that country, the researchers said.

The authors note that many of these costs could be attributed to differences in patient demographics, quality of care and the type of procedure being performed, which may have contributed to the differences.

For example, in countries where surgery for patients under the age of 18 was not performed, more people were admitted to the hospital than in countries that performed surgery in that age range, the report said.

In addition, in some countries the costs of neuro surgery were higher than other types of procedures because of the use of elective surgery.

In the U, for example, neurosoul surgery was the most common type of operation for people over the age 18, but was not recommended by the National Institutes of Health in the country where it was performed.

“In most countries where we do neurosotomy, we see it in combination with elective procedures and the need to treat a significant proportion of patients with some type and amount of brain disease,” Jorgensens said.

“In some areas, it may be the case that there is an excess of electives.”

In addition to Jorgersen, the research team included researchers from the University of Pennsylvania, University of Rochester Medical Center, Johns Hopkins University, Harvard University, the University at Albany, the Veterans Affairs Medical Center and the University Hospitals of Cincinnati.

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