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The Brain in a Bag: A Brain in Your Bag by Alexandra C. Cappello.

The book offers advice for brain-injury survivors and the families of brain-inflicted casualties.

In the excerpt above, a woman is shown her son’s brain after he was killed in a car crash, a few days after his birth.

Cappsello wrote this book to help the families cope with loss and to help her son get a proper autopsy.

The Heart of a Heart by Elizabeth Wills.

This is the second memoir in Wills’ family of brain patients.

She wrote this story in honor of her father’s 85th birthday.

Wills is an advocate for brain trauma survivors, and this memoir will help them find healing in a time of grief.

Brain on the Brink: A Memoir of a Brain by Nancy B. Brannon.

Brannan, the former CEO of the biotechnology company Sanofi, writes this book about her father, a brain-damaged man who became addicted to painkillers and eventually committed suicide in 2008.

Bransons book, which was published last year, details her family’s struggles to find closure.

“This book was a gift to my father’s parents.

It has brought them closure, and it will give them the comfort that they need.

He did not kill himself in the middle of a hospital ward.

He was not a criminal.

He didn’t deserve this,” Brannon told The Washington Post.

“And his death was not the result of a brain injury or a stroke.”

Brain on My Bags by Sarah E. G. Wittenberg.

This book, published in June, follows Wittenburg’s journey from her mother’s brain transplant to the brain of a young girl who is now living with severe brain damage.

“There are so many families who are looking for closure and who want to find hope in their hearts,” Wittenborg told the New York Times.

“But sometimes you need to put a hand in their shoes.

You need to hold their hand and tell them how it felt.”

The New Mind by Tami L. Vail.

This memoir is about a young woman who lost her sister to Alzheimer’s disease.

“We have all been touched by someone’s loss and there is nothing like seeing that light at the end of the tunnel,” Vail told the Times.

The Long Road to Recovery: The Pathology of Hope by Rachel G. Dolan.

Dolas, the founder of the Alzheimer’s Society of America, is also the author of The New Brain, an account of the early days of the field of Alzheimer’s research.

The memoir follows the progress of the disease, the people who were there, the challenges and the successes of the pioneers, including a Nobel laureate and the first person to be implanted with a new brain stem.

This story of recovery is part personal and part scientific.

The first story in this book, from 2016, is about how Dolan came to develop a new type of brain stem, which has allowed people to recover from Alzheimer’s.

“The New Brain” was published in 2017, and the book was followed by a sequel, The Pathological Brain: The Science of Alzheimer Disease, published last month.

This second memoir will be released this month.

A New Mind in a Different Land by Katherine B. O. Crampton.

This was the first memoir by O.C.

Crampton, the author and president of the National Center for Women in Neuroscience.

She said in a statement, “My family was blessed to have the help of my great-grandmother.

She had the gift of memory and thought.

And in a world that was so often filled with false hope, she taught us that hope is possible.

I am writing this memoir to share that hope with you.”

The Life and Death of the Brain by David M. Lutz.

This autobiography tells the story of how the brain is changed in Alzheimer’s and other dementias.

“My grandfather was a neurosurgeon in the Department of Veterans Affairs and had been working with Alzheimer’s patients for more than 30 years,” Lutz told The Wall Street Journal.

“He was a very gentle, compassionate man who loved to listen to the little voices of dementia patients.

He had the ability to understand and heal them, and he also had the capacity to understand that the most important thing about them is their memory.

He cared deeply about their memory and about the people around them.”

Brain in the Bag by Elizabeth H. Wines.

This one-shot memoir is the first in a new book series that is inspired by Wines’ work on Alzheimer’s Disease.

“I have had my own family’s story in my mind since I was a child, and I’ve spent countless hours in the past year

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