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A neurologist who treats people with Alzheimer’s said the number of cases in the United States has increased over the last few years.

Dr. Bruce Tarr says the increase is due to the increasing number of people in nursing homes, as well as people who have had Alzheimer’s disease.

Tarr told CNN’s “Erin Burnett OutFront” that many people in the community are suffering from the disease and don’t have the resources to find care when they do.

“People who are older have very few resources, so they’re getting care that they wouldn’t have gotten had they been younger,” Tarr said.

TARR said people have been using the internet to seek care when their symptoms worsen.

“They’re finding the resources they need through social media, through the internet and through referral,” TARR told “Erina Burnett Outfront.”

Many people in Alzheimer’s care are struggling to get the proper care.

There are no treatment centers in nursing facilities, and many nursing home residents have no way to get tested.

TARR said people are also turning to the internet for help, and he said many of those people are taking the information they find online seriously.

“We’ve seen the same pattern over and over again,” TARRC said.

“What we’ve found over and again is that people are using the information that’s available to them, and they’re doing the best that they can.”

He added that the number and type of drugs that are being used to treat Alzheimer’s has increased in recent years.

“There’s more of an emphasis on the drugs that have been used for years,” TRC said, “and that has caused more side effects and more side-effects of those drugs.”

Some of those side-effect are also being reported in nursing home patients, Tarr added.

“Some people are just starting to experience side effects, and that’s why we’re seeing more and more cases in nursing-home patients.”

But he said there is also an increase in the number people with dementia and the use of other drugs to treat it.

“As more people with the disease, they are using more and better drugs,” TARC said.

The CDC recently issued new guidelines on how to care for people with cognitive impairment.

According to the guidelines, patients with cognitive disorders need to be monitored for symptoms and to follow medication regimens.

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