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The coronaviruses that have ravaged the United States this winter have hit the hardest in rural counties.

In fact, it is the poorest counties that have seen the highest number of cases, according to the latest data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

It is also the counties that are least likely to have been exposed to the coronovirus because they tend to have fewer healthcare workers, hospitals and other facilities.

The coronaviral infections in rural areas have been particularly troubling.

Most people have a mild illness.

It is not the type of illness that would make them sick, but a mild one.

But when people get sick, they can be in a weakened or even dead condition, so it is not surprising that they don’t have the resources to seek help, said Dr. Robert Calhoun, director of the Johns Hopkins Center for Global Health Policy and Management in Baltimore.

The average life expectancy for a rural resident is less than 60 years, according a report from the University of Chicago.

And the mortality rate is double the national average.

“The number of deaths in the United State in December was about 3,500 a day.

That is almost one death every two minutes,” Calhoun said.

We don’t really have the capacity to provide the kind of care that needs to be provided,” said John Darnell, a spokesman for the Southern Rural Health Coalition, which represents some of the counties with the highest mortality rates.

People in rural and suburban areas are not vaccinated.

Some are too young to be vaccinated, which means the disease can spread easily.

Many are not allowed to get vaccinated because of concerns about the disease spreading in their community.

A vaccine would help reduce those infections, said Dan Hodge, director for health policy and planning at the University at Buffalo in New York.

But Calhoun and others say that is not enough.

If a person is not vaccinated, they could be exposed to another type of coronavivirus that is more lethal.

What people should doIf you or someone you know has been exposed:Stay home from work, school or school-related activities until the virus is gone, said Hodge.

If you are at home, get vaccinated.

Call your doctor and get tested if you have any of the following symptoms:Fever, headaches, diarrhea, fatigue, nausea, vomiting, or chills.

Fever and fever will increase if you are on the flu shot.

People can get pneumonia from inhaling the dust from a respiratory virus.

Symptoms of pneumonia include coughing, shortness of breath, wheezing, runny nose and cough.

The CDC has issued guidance on how to prevent coronavitis, including what to do if you think you may have it.

To get the vaccine, you must have:A doctor’s recommendation for the vaccine and its protection.

The person’s first dose of the vaccine.

A hospital order for the shot.

The vaccine can be administered through nasal spray or in a shot given by a nurse practitioner.

The shot can also be administered by a pharmacist or by a health care worker.

Anyone with questions about getting the vaccine should contact the CDC at 1-800-CDC-INFO.

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