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What you need to know about neurosurgeons article New guidelines have been released to prevent complications from the operation of a neurosurgeon.

But there are still a lot of questions about the role of a spinal cord injury and other traumatic brain injuries in neurosurgeries.

Key points:Neurosurgeon Dr Stephen Boonen is calling for greater research into the long-term safety of spinal cord injuriesThe surgeon in charge of his operations, Professor Kevin Mee, said the guidelines had not been communicated to the general public yetThe guidelines are due to be published in the American Journal of Emergency Medicine on November 12.

The guidelines include a new definition of “critical” spinal cord trauma for surgeons to take into account.

They also recommend that neurosurges have the knowledge and skills to “understand and manage a range of complex, non-surgical interventions”.

“These include the use of mechanical assistive devices, the use for which could involve the use or placement of an instrument, the placement of a device, the manipulation of the patient’s body and the use and manipulation of a limb,” the guidelines say.

“It also includes the use to correct or improve outcomes of these procedures for the individual patient, including for the purposes of improving functional outcome and quality of life.”

The guidelines state that the use-or-purchase of a mechanical assistory device is not an acceptable method for achieving critical spinal cord surgery.

“The use of a robotic, mechanical or electronic device that can be manipulated, such as a computerized device or a robotic arm, to assist with the insertion of the instrument, may result in the patient experiencing severe pain or injury,” the documents say.

The surgeon has to be able to make an informed decision about the appropriate use of the device.

“Neurophysiologists have a responsibility to protect the health and well-being of their patients by ensuring that critical spinal cords injury is treated appropriately, as the surgeon considers the safety of the operation and patient,” the papers say.

It is the second time this year that the surgeon in control of his procedures has called for more research into spinal cord and other brain injuries.

In October, the surgeon-in-chief, Dr Stephen Koon, said there was “a very clear and strong need for more knowledge about the safety and effectiveness of neurosurgical rehabilitation, particularly for people with brain injuries”.

He said the “long-term consequences” of a traumatic brain injury, such a stroke, could be life-threatening.

Dr Koon said it was time for a new approach to spinal cord reconstruction.

“We’re all working to learn more about this and the implications of this, and the best way to learn is to have people with neurological and neuropathological conditions in our care,” he said.

“There is a lack of understanding of how these patients are doing in this surgery and how they can improve.”

A spokesperson for the University of Melbourne said that the new guidelines would be published at a later date.

“Dr Boonens guidelines do not address the use, modification, or modification of surgical equipment, but the surgeon has a duty to ensure that all critical spinal injury procedures are performed correctly,” the spokesperson said.

“The guidelines were not published at this time.”


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