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RTE 4.29.16 New article A neuropsychologist who specialises in cognitive-behavioural treatment for Alzheimer disease (AD) has described the cognitive-behavioral treatment approach as “the gold standard” in the field.

Dr Gopal Singh, who works at the Centre for Neurological Disease Research (CNDR), said the new version of Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT) was a “game changer” and “the only treatment option” available to those suffering from the devastating neurodegeneration process.

In a new report for the British Medical Journal (BMJ), Dr Singh, a neuroscientist at CNDR, said CBT had a “big advantage” over traditional treatments, including cognitive behavioural therapy (CFT) and electroconvulsive therapy (ECT).

The research, conducted by Dr Singh and colleagues, used a large-scale study to compare CBT with CBT plus other cognitive-based therapies for dementia.

It found that CBT was “the best” of the three treatments for dementia, and was the “gold standard” for patients with dementia.

Dr Singh said CBTA was a treatment that “works on the same neural pathways as CT and other cognitive behavioural treatments”.

“It’s the gold standard,” he said.

“There is no other treatment option out there that has as big a chance of making a difference as CBT has.”

The findings have the potential to revolutionise dementia treatment, said Dr Singh.

“For years, people have been arguing about CBT versus CT for Alzheimer [disease],” he said, “but no one really had any conclusive evidence that it worked.”

The CBT treatment method involves treating the brain with “intense” and repeated brain stimulation.

The therapy involves placing electrodes in the brain to stimulate the brain’s “wiring” network, which is crucial to the formation of memories.

This network is crucial for the formation and maintenance of memories in the absence of cognitive activity, said Professor David Tompkins, chair of CNDR and director of the Centre of Neuropsychology.

“When memories are formed, they are formed from information that was previously stored in the system.

This is a very, very critical part of the memory formation process.”

While CBT is currently prescribed for a range of neurological conditions, Dr Singh said that Alzheimer’s was a particularly important target for CBT.

“Alzheimer’s is the most severe form of dementia and has the highest rate of cognitive impairment,” he explained.

“We’ve known for years that there are many other conditions where CBT could potentially help, but this is the first time that we have actually shown it works for the vast majority of people.”

Dr Singh described CBT as a “new treatment option that works on the brain and brain circuits that are critical to memory formation.”

He said CBTT “works by using electrical stimulation, but the stimulation is not directed at the areas that are responsible for memory formation.”

It is not about the memory itself, but it is about the way the brain works, and how it processes information.

“Dr Stephen Jenson, who chairs the department of neurology at King’s College London, said the findings were “a big step forward” in dementia research.”

I’m quite delighted that this is now available to the general public,” he told RTE.”

The CBTA treatment works by the same neurological pathways that are involved in Alzheimer’s and many other neurodegenative diseases.

“However, he warned that CBTA could still prove to be an “unfair advantage” for those with less severe forms of the disease.”

This study has some important limitations.

For example, there are no controls.

But it’s an important study, and I’m glad that the study has been carried out.

“So the findings are good, but they are only preliminary, and we should do a lot more research in order to fully understand how CBT works,” Dr Jenson said.

Dr Misha Rangasamy, a professor at University College London and an expert in the study, said it was a positive finding that CBTT was working well for those who had mild to moderate forms of dementia.

“Although the treatment is effective for people who are mild to moderately demented, it is likely to be less effective for patients who have severe dementia.

So, while this treatment is not for everyone, it should still be considered for people with mild to mild dementia,” Dr Rangastamy told RTV.”

People with mild dementia can still benefit from CBT, but patients who are mildly demented will not benefit.”

Dr Rangashamy said CBCT was likely to prove to have “some serious drawbacks”.

“The most important limitation is that the treatment does not involve any electrical stimulation,” she said.

“This means that CBCT will not necessarily improve people’s quality of life.”Also, the

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