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Health experts are looking at ways to improve treatment of people with chronic traumatic encephalopathy, or CTE, a degenerative brain disease that causes memory loss, memory impairment and dementia.CTE is the most common form of dementia among athletes, and is associated with repetitive brain trauma and aggression.

But scientists still don’t know exactly how CTE occurs, or whether it is a result of repeated head trauma, repetitive brain activity or some combination of the two.

To better understand CTE and to improve the quality of life for sufferers, scientists at the University of Florida, the University at Buffalo, the Johns Hopkins University and other institutions are collaborating on a new paper describing new imaging techniques to better understand the brain and how it changes in response to CTE.

This new approach could lead to treatments that improve cognition and improve recovery, the researchers say.

The study was published in the journal NeuroImage.

The researchers developed a new imaging technique that they say will be a key tool in future research in CTE research, because of its potential to identify biomarkers of brain injury in people with CTE who have not yet had a brain scan.

They say the technique could help researchers better predict and treat CTE patients, while also improving the quality and quality of care they receive.

Cognitive impairment, which is associated primarily with memory loss and memory impairment, is a key feature of CTE; it is thought to be related to chronic traumatic amnesia.

A person with CCTE does not have the disease.

In this image, a person with chronic TBI is seen in this left hand.

The researchers say that their method can help identify individuals who have mild cognitive impairment and who have no history of concussion or head trauma.

(Image: © Piotr Kornier/University of Florida)The technique, called positron emission tomography (PET), uses a scanning electron microscope (SEM) to image the brain of the brain-damaged patient.

The imaging technique, which can be used for years, involves a specialized microscope, which allows for the measurement of atomic-scale structures on the surfaces of the tissue.

The team has been working on this technique for more than a decade, and has been developing it for years.

To test the technique, the team developed a PET microscope that can be operated from a smartphone.

They developed it to detect a specific fluorescent protein called β-galactosidase (βG), which is present in the brain when the brain is damaged and which binds to brain cells in the form of a fluorescent protein.

This protein is produced by neurons in the spinal cord and the cerebrospinal fluid, and helps to clear amyloid plaques that are a hallmark of CCT.

The team found that PET imaging of the brains of CTF sufferers showed the presence of βG in the brains and cerebrostes of people who had no history or history of concussions.

The presence of the βG protein in the cerebellum, for example, indicates that the brain was damaged.

The findings are also consistent with other studies that have shown the presence and activity of β-G in CTF patients.

To examine the changes in brain tissue after CTE has occurred, the investigators also examined the changes after CTF was diagnosed in patients with no history and no history, and in healthy control subjects.

The authors say this method could provide a biomarker to identify individuals with CTF, as well as help to determine whether the person had an early stage of CT and if there were signs of brain disease or other brain pathology at the time of the injury.

The authors say the PET imaging technique could also be used to determine how much damage a person has caused to the brain during the brain trauma, and to help identify biomarker markers of brain damage.

These findings are in line with previous studies that show the presence or activity of the beta-galactsin protein in patients who had been diagnosed with CTS and showed no history.

The PET imaging method is not without limitations.

First, the study does not include people with normal IQs.

A more accurate method would be to collect brain scans of CTT sufferers who are in normal cognitive functioning, such as people who have normal IQ scores, and compare the results with those of normal controls.

Second, it is not clear how the PET images would be used in clinical settings.

For example, the technique is not currently being used in patients at the Mayo Clinic, where researchers have found brain imaging of people suffering from CTE could be beneficial in identifying individuals with a more advanced form of CTS.

The next step in the study is to determine if PET imaging is a safe and effective tool for treating CTE in people who do not have CTE themselves.

This will likely require further research, and could include new imaging methods.

The research was supported by grants from the National Institutes of Health

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