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The NFL is getting ready to get back to the business of football, which is, of course, what it has always been.

But with the new era of professional football being ushered in by the NFLPA, a league-wide change is also on the horizon, with the NFL in the midst of a significant process to establish a new governance structure.

With the NFL and the players union both now headed by the same executive committee, it’s fair to ask what the changes mean for the NFL’s future.

First, there’s the matter of football.

The NFL is entering a new era.

The game of football is now a global enterprise, with many teams playing in a myriad of different cities and leagues, as well as a new national anthem protest movement.

This is in line with the broader trend of globalization and the spread of new technologies, and the NFL has been trying to stay relevant to these players, who have grown increasingly loyal and loyal to the game in recent years.

The league has been working with the players on a series of initiatives aimed at getting them more engaged with the game.

First, the league is moving away from traditional television broadcasts and is using live online video streams for more than 90 percent of its games, which allow fans to interact directly with the team.

This includes live streaming of preseason games, as the league works with ESPN and other broadcasters to stream games live.

In 2018, the NFL announced plans to bring its online streaming service, live games and video on demand to all of its stadiums.

The league is also adding video and audio quality to all its games in the next few years, and in 2019, the teams will also have a new social media account that will allow fans who want to share content directly to the teams on social media platforms.

There are also plans for the league to launch a social media platform that will offer more opportunities for fans to express their opinions and be engaged with their team, which will include creating “tweets” on social platforms.

In 2019, NFL.com and social media accounts will also be integrated into the league’s digital platforms, which are expected to become more prevalent in the future.

And, of note, the players are also seeking to work with a variety of partners to stream and promote the games in their communities.

The next big step will be for the players to begin working with organizations such as the NFL Foundation to establish new charitable organizations, including the NFL Hall of Fame.

This would be the first step in a new organization that would be led by a player who will be tasked with developing a program to give back to those who are affected by neurological disorders, and also with the idea that there should be a way for the community to connect and get to know the league and its players.

This could lead to new partnerships with local charities, or perhaps even to a partnership between the league, charities and the game itself.

It is possible that this could lead us to a new type of league that will be more focused on helping its players than the traditional one that is in place now.

However, there is no guarantee that this type of system would work and there is certainly no guarantee it would be beneficial for the overall health of the game, so there are a number of things to keep an eye on.

For starters, while the NFL is clearly focused on building a unified leadership group to be led at a future date, there are also questions about the future of the NFL.

It is unclear what kind of role, if any, the union will play in any of this, and there are concerns that some players could become disenchanted with the union, which has struggled to balance the demands of players and the needs of fans.

And in 2018, some players in particular have been vocal about wanting to return to the union and the way the league operates.

This issue is also complicated by the fact that the players have been under the control of the union for years, meaning that players are often not paid the same as the players in other sports, so it is also unclear what role, under the new system, the labor organization will play.

Another question that has been raised is whether the new leadership group will have the authority to implement new rule changes that have been proposed by some in the league.

For example, players have long complained that the NFL uses its power to create an unfair advantage for the teams in its favor.

Some players have suggested that they would like the league leadership to have the power to make these rules permanent, and that would potentially be a change that would require a vote by the players.

Another concern that some fans have expressed is the league changing the rules on social networks to allow players to have a say over their own social media posts, something that some other leagues have been doing in the past.

While this is a new concept for the game of professional sports, the recent history of social media in general suggests that it could be very disruptive for fans.

In addition to the potential for these types of changes,

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