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The brain is the largest organ in the body and the most complex of all the tissues.

When damaged, it can cause chronic pain, fatigue, memory loss, depression, anxiety, and a host of other physical and mental disorders.

And while it can be a painless way to kill yourself, it is also a major source of medical problems and a cause of morbidity and mortality.

The National Institutes of Health (NIH) is looking at ways to fix these problems.

In fact, the NIH is looking into a new approach that could radically reduce the impact of the brain on the rest of the body.

In the next few months, researchers at the National Institutes for Health will conduct a study to investigate how and when to fix brain damage, and if that might mean changing the way we think about the brain.

In a new report published today in Neurology, the researchers are exploring a concept called “functional neuroplasticity,” which they believe could help improve our understanding of brain health.

“This is not a new idea,” said senior author T. Anthony Sacco, a professor of neurology at Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine.

“It’s been around for a long time, and we’ve been working on it for a very long time.”

He and his colleagues recently published a report in Neurologia called Brain Plasticity: Neuroplastic and Functional Plasticity.

“The idea is that we should take a more integrative approach to how we think of the relationship between the brain and the rest [of the body],” Sacco said.

“We should think about how the brain functions in its entirety, not just how it interacts with the body.”

Brain Plasticy focuses on how the body’s nervous system influences how it functions in different areas of the human body, including the brain itself.

And Sacco and his team believe that understanding this relationship may be useful in treating diseases like depression, Alzheimer’s disease, and Parkinson’s disease.

In this new study, they look at how the changes in the brain’s connectivity affect different parts of the nervous system, and how that changes how the nervous systems are organized and coordinated.

This study is part of the NIH’s National Center for Advancing Translational Sciences (NCATS), a program that seeks to improve the health of the entire human population.

“These are important questions, but we’ve had some pretty amazing advances in understanding how our brain works, and there’s no question that the human brain is extremely complex,” said co-author Stephen Schreiber, an associate professor of neuroscience at the University of California, San Diego.

“So, for instance, the way our brain uses electrical signals to connect and coordinate its nervous system in the right way, that’s a lot more complex than just, say, just having a network of neurons.”

In this study, the team looked at the relationship of connectivity between different parts, or the connections between different cells in the nervous tissue.

In other words, they studied the connections that exist between different regions of the same neuron, or nerve cell.

This is the part of brain where neurons and other structures of the neural system communicate.

As the team noted in their report, this is one of the most fundamental aspects of how the human nervous system works.

But how does the brain connect?

This connection is the backbone of our brain.

“You have this massive, intricate system of connections in the human organism, and all the different parts have to work together to communicate,” Sacco explained.

“If you have a bunch of different cells, all of which are communicating, you’re not going to get a network that works well.”

In otherwords, connections are only useful if they are connected.

But what happens when you lose one or more of these connections?

That’s where functional neuroplastics come in.

Functional neuroplasts are the structures that connect the different types of neurons in the system.

In many cases, the brain can use functional neurobridges, which are a way of repairing and reorganizing the neural network.

They work like this: When a cell needs to connect, it starts by sending signals to other cells in its vicinity, and the other cells then receive these signals and send back some information.

“When a cell gets a signal, it goes into a different part of its system,” Sauc said.

For instance, if there’s a tumor on the right side of the head, the tumor cells send out signals that tell the other neurons in a certain region of the network that the tumor needs to be removed.

This system of cells is called the “cognitive network.”

Then, the connections within that network are called the functional neurobranches.

“What happens is the cells within that cognitive network then send signals to the brain,” Sausc said.

Those signals then reach the brain to communicate with the neurons in other parts of that network.

Functional Neurobridges are also important for regulating the function of other nerve cells in other regions of brain, and when they get

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