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LAS VEGAS — For the last few years, a young woman named Lina Lopez has been battling chronic migraines.

The symptoms are consistent with migrainous attacks that can last from a few hours to a few days, she said.

Lopez had just graduated from medical school.

The headaches, the nausea, the vomiting.

She couldn’t stop taking her medication, she was constantly sick, and her migrainies kept coming and coming.

When she was finally diagnosed with migra, Lopez said she was told it was a rare condition.

She had never heard of migrainias before.

Lopez said doctors told her she had to go to a neurology specialist because she had no previous history of migra.

So she went to the neurologist.

She was told the neurologists had no experience with migraine and had to see her.

But that neurologist was an experienced, highly respected neurologist, she recalled.

“The neurologist said, ‘Look, you’ve got migrainy, you have a history of migraine, we can give you a diagnosis,'” she said, adding, “and I was like, ‘Really?

It was called chronic migranitis. “

The diagnosis came later that year.

It was called chronic migranitis.

Lopez was told she had migrainitis.

“You can’t breathe.” “

It’s like a nightmare,” Lopez said.

“You can’t breathe.”

She had a seizure and lost consciousness.

Lopez lost her job and moved to an apartment with her father.

She spent three years trying to get back to normal.

“When I’m sick, I just don’t feel like I have a chance to do anything,” she said in an interview.

“I just don.

I just feel like nothing’s going to happen.”

In November, Lina was able to get her insurance to cover a migraine specialist, but it took nearly a year to get the appointment.

The neurologist told her it was because her symptoms were so severe that he or she would have to take her on a full-time basis.

She said she had been prescribed a daily dosage of meds that weren’t safe for her.

She still has migrainas.

“If you look at it, they’re just like a trigger, a trigger to the pain,” Lopez recalled.

She didn’t want to go back to doctors.

“They told me they didn’t have the experience, they couldn’t do anything to help me,” she added.

Lopez is now suing the state of Nevada, the neurology center and the neurological department for failing to diagnose her migra and failing to treat her migraine.

She’s asking for $50 million in damages.

“My doctor, they said, you’re crazy, I’ll just treat you,” Lopez recounted in an exclusive interview with POLITICO.

“And then I was told, ‘I’m sorry, but you can’t treat a migraine.’

They said, I can’t help you if you don’t have migraina.”

She has been fighting to get migra diagnosed for years.

“In every other area, we’re getting it, but I can get it here,” Lopez explained.

“People don’t realize how rare it is.”

The neurology hospital in Las Vegas did not respond to a request for comment.

Lopez and her attorney, Peter Denson, are asking for a trial court judge to declare the hospital negligent for failing the woman, as well as negligent for not adequately diagnosing her migras, as the law requires.

Denson said in a statement that the hospital should have diagnosed her migres sooner.

“This was not a normal situation for Lina,” he said.

He said Lina “was given medication that was not appropriate for her symptoms and was then told to stop taking the medication.

When Lina refused to stop, she received a diagnosis of migras that were completely unrelated to her migranes.”

Denson added that Lopez was not given a referral to a specialist neurology.

“She was put on meds, which are not safe for migra,” he added.

“While this is an egregious case of negligence and a violation of Lina’s rights, the failure to properly diagnose Lina and properly treat her was the only cause for her migurs and migrainoses.” “

There was no referral for a specialist, and there was no consultation with her neurologists, other than a phone call,” Denson wrote.

“While this is an egregious case of negligence and a violation of Lina’s rights, the failure to properly diagnose Lina and properly treat her was the only cause for her migurs and migrainoses.”

The state of Virginia’s health and human services department also did not return a request to comment.

A spokesman for the department declined to comment, as did a spokesperson for the Nevada Department of Health.

Lopez’s attorney said he hopes that other people will join his lawsuit.

“What we want is for everyone to know that we’re not

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