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Hackensack Neurology, an affiliate of the Newark-based neurology practice Hackensacademics, has been under fire for a lack of transparency and an inconsistent record of care for its patients.

The practice has been embroiled in several controversies in recent years, including the death of a patient, an investigation into billing and claims that its staff was misdiagnosed with a neurological condition.

Hackensacks neurology practices a combination of medical and surgical practice.

It was the subject of a New Jersey State Senate investigation that was later closed.

Hackenaps neurology patients were given an initial dose of steroids at the beginning of treatment to help prevent side effects and prevent complications.

The steroids were later stopped, and the patient returned to work after two months.

After the patient’s death, a grand jury concluded the steroids were not effective and no criminal charges were filed.

Hackers have recently taken to social media to attack HackensACK neurology for allegedly charging patients more than $1,000 for surgeries, and for allegedly misusing its network of doctors.

In February, Hackensacker announced that it would no longer pay patients $1.95 for a spinal fusion, a procedure for which it would have to pay out a small sum of money.

Hackners neurology was also the subject on the popular podcast Serial, which has attracted thousands of listeners.

Hackenedack’s website states it is “the most trusted neurology referral service” in the United States.

However, Hackenacs patients do not receive a referral to a neurologist or doctor for spinal fusion.

Instead, HackENSACK uses its network to contact patients and coordinate care.

However a recent article by The Guardian’s Jane Prentice-Dunn in the New York Times found that the practice has a long history of billing patients for surgeries it never performed.

According to the article, Hackenhacks staff members told a patient who had a severe spinal cord injury that they would treat her for surgery, even though the surgery would likely kill her.

A few months later, the patient died of a brain bleed.

“Our team is aware of the allegations against Hackensackers and we are deeply committed to ensuring that our patients are taken care of and receive the highest level of care,” a spokesperson told the paper.

The article also found that in the past, Hackenes patients were billed more than double the amount they should have been billed, and in some cases, more than triple the amount.

In the wake of the story, the Hackensak neurology website has been taken down, and its Facebook page has been edited to remove links to the paper’s article.

“I would just like to say that Hackensaks is an excellent referral company,” said one patient, who did not want to be identified.

“This is a great place to get a good referral, and I recommend them.”

“This would have been the perfect place to do a spinal surgery,” the patient said.

“There was a whole bunch of options out there for this.”

“I feel like I should be getting an MRI, but I don’t feel like my spine is broken.

They have a referral that’s the best, so I’d be willing to pay them a bit more than what they should be charging me.”

In addition to being a medical practice, Hacklesons website also sells services like acupuncture and massage therapy.

The website states that it is an affiliate with the Newark Department of Health, and that “the Newark Department’s goal is to ensure that Hackenhackers is serving its patients with care that meets the highest standards of care.”

However, the Department of Public Health told The Guardian that it has been unable to find any evidence that HackENSacks has ever been accused of fraud.

“Hackensacks has not been involved in any fraudulent or unethical activities,” a department spokesperson told The New York Post.

Hacklesas website also offers a video series that highlights its services.

In one video, a patient is seen in an elevator with an unidentified man, who then asks if she’s in a hospital, to which she responds, “I’m fine, thanks.”

“What does that mean?” the man asks.

“The elevators are in the hospital.

They’re not in the basement,” the woman says.

The video also features an image of a hospital room filled with patients with a caption reading, “You’ll see.”

“My brain is still bleeding,” the man tells the patient.

“You’re bleeding in the elevator.”

In a statement, the Newark Health Department said that the department has “investigated allegations of fraud and malpractice by Hackensacked, which it believes are unfounded.”

In response to the complaints, Hackeners spokesperson told Newsweek that the clinic does not believe that Hackeners patients have been harmed.

“We’re committed to providing high-quality care for our patients and our patients have the highest expectation of us and our doctors,” the spokesperson said.

The Newark Health department added that the Department is working to investigate and take action against Hack

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