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Washington, D.C. — — For a long time, autism seemed like a rare condition in the U.S. The diagnosis has remained elusive and many doctors and researchers have had to rely on anecdotes and anecdotes from doctors and families.

Now, researchers at the University of Maryland say they have identified a brain-in a-baskets syndrome that affects 4 million Americans and is costing them their lives.

The report is published in the journal JAMA Psychiatry.

“The autism-like disorder is one of the most costly and most common conditions in the United States, and we know that many children and adults with autism have difficulty socializing, have limited language, and are at increased risk for developmental delay and behavioral issues,” said lead study author Dr. Michael Lohr, professor of neurobiology and neuroscience at the university.

“Autism affects more than half of the U,S.

population, and it is a significant and underdiagnosed condition.”

Autism is a developmental disorder that affects the brains development, behavior, and social skills.

The condition affects about 5% of the population.

Dr. Lohrs research focused on the neurobiological bases of autism.

“We know that the disorder is genetic and it also has a genetic component.

There is an association between the disease and certain environmental factors,” Dr. Mark Stebbins, an assistant professor in the department of neurology and neurology at the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine, said in a statement.

“For example, the autism-related gene is a gene called CAG1-19 that is associated with abnormal neuronal activation.

It is associated in some cases with autism spectrum disorders.”

This type of association may help explain why autism appears to be more common in males, Dr. Stebbsons research found.

The researchers also looked at the genetic and environmental factors that can cause autism.

Dr Lohrons research was published in JAMA Neurol.

The study involved using brain imaging data from nearly 3,000 adults with ASD, the majority of whom had autism, and their parents to determine whether autism-linked genetic factors and environmental conditions contributed to their autism.

In the study, they also looked to see if there were any common genetic or environmental influences that could be identified in the children of the autistic adults.

To examine the genes and environmental environmental factors associated with autism, Dr Lohns group recruited more than 1,000 parents of autistic children and a large cohort of autistic adults to participate in the study.

The parents were also asked to complete questionnaires and provide blood samples for testing.

Autism Spectrum Disorders Research Center at the National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke (NINDS) also was involved in the research.

The National Institute on Deafness and Other Communication Disorders (NIDCD) was also involved in this study.

In addition, researchers used the Autism Diagnostic Observation Schedule (ADOS) to assess the genetic risk for autism.

The ADOS is a computerized and validated tool to help identify autism-associated genetic and developmental disorders.

This study found that a significant number of autistic people had genetic risk factors that may increase their risk for ASD.

“This is a very exciting study that has demonstrated that genetic risk can predict autism risk in this population,” Dr Luhr said.

“I think the important thing here is that we are finding a causal relationship between the genetic background and autism, rather than finding a genetic cause.

There are other genetic risk pathways that can contribute to autism.

We do not know what they are.

However, our findings support the idea that the genetic factors that are associated with ASD are not the only genetic risk pathway. “

It is exciting that we have a genetic basis for autism, because we do not have the full picture of autism yet.

However, our findings support the idea that the genetic factors that are associated with ASD are not the only genetic risk pathway.

We have learned a lot about the relationship between autism and the environmental environment in the past decade.

This is an important step toward identifying these genetic risk drivers and helping them to be identified and targeted in interventions.”

The study also included a case-control study of children and adolescents from a birth cohort with autism and their siblings.

“These children and teenagers have the same underlying risk for developing autism as adults,” Dr Stebsins said.

The findings are important for future studies, as they may help researchers understand more about how genetics and environmental risk interact with each other and cause autism in children.

The article appears in JMA Psychiatry.

The Associated Press Health and Science Team is made up of reporters from The Associated White House, The Associated States News Agency, AP Health, Science and Education, and The Boston Globe.

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