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By JAMES COX, APThe most common questions people ask a neurology nurse are about their symptoms and the medications they’re taking.

Many of them are common questions asked by other people with neurologic conditions, and they’re the ones you might not want to ask.

They also can get you into trouble.

But for some neurologists, they’re an important part of their job.

Some neurologists specialize in treating patients with neurologically debilitating conditions, including epilepsy, spinal muscular atrophy and other conditions.

They can provide the care that neurologists can’t.

A few weeks ago, I wrote about the problems of asking neurologists questions about epilepsy.

The article prompted a lot of attention, but I’ve found that the questions don’t do much good if you’re asking the wrong ones.

In a follow-up piece, I explained how a neurologists’ job is to interpret patients’ symptoms, and to find the best treatment options.

And I discussed some of the common questions neurologists get about epilepsy, and what you can do to be safe when asking them.

You can’t ask the right questions about a neurologic patientWhen I asked a neurologisne to explain how she sees her patients, she said it’s a matter of understanding their symptoms.

This is an important point, because some people with epilepsy have symptoms that resemble epilepsy.

But a neurologi is not a medical doctor.

She’s a nurse.

A neurologist has to know what her patients are experiencing, and her job is not to diagnose epilepsy.

What neurologists do is to understand what the patients’ pain is, and how they’re feeling.

That’s what’s called the “pathological state” or “symptom space.”

The “symptoms space” is the area of the body where the body is being observed and the symptoms are occurring.

That area is called the sensory area, or S. The brain has a lot going on there.

It’s the part of the brain that’s active and can process sensory input.

The “pathologic state” is where the sensory input is very low.

It has very little activity, and it’s usually very unpleasant, especially for people with chronic pain.

It can cause people to feel very disoriented and irritable, and can also cause them to have hallucinations.

A lot of people with these conditions will experience a lot more of their symptoms during a seizure.

Most people who have epilepsy experience symptoms in one of three areas: the sensory, motor and autonomic, or SAAS area.

There are also some sensory and motor areas that are normally normal.

But in people with SAAS, there’s a very high frequency of seizures, which means the area around the S.A.A., or “sensory cortex,” is the most sensitive to seizures.

The more frequent the seizures, the more the SSA area is sensitive.

For example, if your son has a severe case of epilepsy, his SSA is going to be very sensitive to the high frequency seizures, because that is what his body is doing.

In other words, the area that’s being observed is being used to monitor the son’s breathing and breathing pattern, and the son may be having more seizures than usual.

The SAAS areas are typically white and can be seen in a MRI, and are very active, and this is what they are measuring.

The MRI also gives a snapshot of the son during his seizures, and that gives a much more accurate picture of what’s going on.

A typical seizure can cause a lot, but a seizure with the SFA area can cause severe pain.

The pain usually doesn’t last long, but can be severe enough to interfere with normal daily life, so the child may need to be put on an IV.

This can be very painful.

In the SAAS patients, there is also a very low frequency of activity, which can be described as “activity deficit.”

That’s when a person doesn’t get as much sleep as they normally do, and there’s not much activity at all.

The neurologist then has to understand the changes in the son, and if there are any seizures.

This usually involves the neurologist looking at the son as a whole, or in part of his body.

She can use a variety of tools to try to see if the seizures are related to a seizure disorder.

But it’s hard to do this if the son is experiencing seizures with the same frequency and severity as his SAAS.

When you have seizures, you can be awake for a very long time, which is usually the case.

Sometimes you’re awake for hours, sometimes it’s hours.

Sometimes your son will wake up with a pounding in his head.

Sometimes the seizures come in waves, and sometimes it takes two or three seizures to make the seizures.

That can happen with multiple seizures.

You might be able to talk him into going to the bathroom, or into a doctor’s office, but you have to be able tell him what the seizure

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