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Experts say that even a simple checkup can be enough to trigger a stroke.

As with any medical emergency, the goal is to make sure you’re not just getting more tests and treatments.

“It’s important that you understand what’s going on in your brain,” said Dr. Dan Cramer, the executive director of the American Stroke Association.

“We want to make you feel like you can get back to normal.”

The key, experts say, is to get a thorough checkup that doesn’t just reveal your symptoms but also shows signs of damage, such as a loss of coordination, loss of movement, or abnormal behavior.

For instance, if you see a sharp pain in your fingers, that could be a sign of an impending stroke.

It might also be an indication that you have a mild stroke.

If you see swelling around your neck or neck region, it could be due to swelling from a clot or infection.

You may also have a headache, which may be due a blocked artery or an enlarged or painful area around your brain.

If your blood pressure is up or your heart rate is elevated, that may be a clue that you’re getting worse from the stroke.

“You want to know that this is an emergency, that you need immediate attention,” said Cramer.

But the doctor isn’t always there to be your first line of defense.

If that’s the case, you might want to call a stroke specialist, but experts say it can be difficult to determine whether a doctor is trained to help you.

That’s because it’s often hard to know what to expect when you call to see a doctor.

“They’re not trained in neurology,” Cramer said.

“So, they may not be able to really pinpoint what you’re having.”

The stroke specialist will often ask questions like: Is your symptoms improving?

If so, how long do you expect to be in this condition?

Do you have any warning signs that your stroke might be coming?

The doctor will also ask you to describe your symptoms, and the stroke specialist may also talk to you about any possible treatments you may have.

“I want to be sure that they know what I mean, so I’m very careful,” said Jennifer Johnson, a neurosurgeon in Atlanta.

“If I do something that’s going to cause pain or something that feels bad, that’s a good sign that I’m getting better.”

Johnson said that while she’s happy to discuss her concerns with a doctor, she can’t always be there to help someone else.

“My job is to provide information to the patient and make sure they’re well,” Johnson said.

You’re not alone in your concerns Dr. David Fiske, the president of the Stroke Center at the University of California San Francisco, said that when it comes to a stroke, you’re “not alone in wanting to know more.”

But, Fiskel said, it can sometimes be hard to figure out what to tell your doctor.

You might ask for a physical exam to make certain your arteries are clear and that your blood is clot free.

If it’s an emergency or you have other symptoms, Fideske said it may be best to talk to your neurologist.

And it’s not always possible to get that information, he said.

So, if your doctor is able to help, you’ll probably want to give them a call or ask them to schedule a consultation.

But if you’re concerned, you may want to get help from an experienced neurologist who specializes in stroke.

Fiskes neurologist is Dr. Steven Rabinowitz, who specializes on stroke and stroke rehabilitation.

He said he’s seen many patients with chronic stroke and that it can take a long time for them to get their symptoms under control.

But he said that a stroke is “a chronic condition, not a new condition.”

Rabinowits neurologist, who is also a board-certified neurologist in New York, said you need to know exactly what’s happening in your head.

“Your brain’s basically like a machine that’s working 24 hours a day, 365 days a year,” he said, noting that the stroke can take weeks or even months for it to fully heal.

“And when you’re in the recovery stage, it’s very difficult to make any significant changes to your brain.”

Riske said that stroke rehabilitation has been shown to have a benefit in helping to restore the brain’s function.

“The recovery process takes time,” he explained.

“But it’s a very long process.

The longer you recover, the more brain activity you have.”

But some strokes don’t heal at all.

In those cases, you could still have long-term damage to your head, and your stroke could still affect your life.

You’ll also need to monitor your heart for signs of a stroke and ask other family members if you might be at risk.

Riskel recommends that you see your doctor if you notice any changes in your heart or

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