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By Andrew Grossman and Joe Schad | 10/04/2017 09:50:26The latest edition of the CICAR’s National Pediatric and Adolescent Neurological Association (NPAENA) survey has just been released, and the results are pretty darned interesting.

In this latest survey, over a quarter of the respondents said they were aware of the risk of cervical spine trauma and another 25% said they knew of the possibility.

The study asked respondents to complete a short survey on a variety of topics related to their child’s health and safety.

This survey has been a hot topic recently, as it highlights that the public continues to be unaware of the potential for cervical spine injury, and is therefore at greater risk than the general population.

While this may be frustrating, the fact is that these types of surveys have been widely accepted as reliable indicators of cervical health, and as such, the NPAENA survey is the first in a long time to show the public is well informed about this type of trauma.

While it is important to remember that the results may not reflect the true level of awareness of cervical injury, the results clearly show that the American public is very aware of this potentially life-threatening condition.

As the NGAENA survey was conducted over the past few months, I was lucky enough to be included in the survey.

The questionnaire was written to be easy to read, and it was easy to fill out.

In addition to answering all of the survey’s questions, I asked for my personal information, which included my name, address, date of birth, height, weight, ethnicity, and marital status.

I also answered questions about the number of cervical spines I had, how many of them I had and why.

The first question in the questionnaire was about whether I was aware of what the American College of Surgeons (ACS) call the “C-Spine Injury Risk Index.”

The ACS is a standardized index that is based on data from medical professionals in the United States and Canada.

While the ACS does not specifically define cervical spine injuries, it does provide a simple way to measure the degree to which a child’s spinal cord is at risk for injury.

According to the ACS, a child who has a C-spine injury should have at least one spine injury to the neck, back, shoulder, or lower back.

The survey also asks the question, “Is your child’s head or neck or spine injured?”

If you answered yes to this question, then your child should be at a higher risk of a CSPI injury than the rest of the population.

In addition to asking about your child, the survey asked a series of questions about your health.

The first question was whether you were currently taking any medication.

The second question was “If so, how much?”

The third question was if you were taking any supplements or medications, and if so, the amount.

The final question asked, “What other health concerns do you feel your child may have?”

The last question asked if you have ever had an “occurrence of C-SPI or other injuries,” which can include cervical spine surgery, a neck fracture, or even a cervical fracture.

The ACS uses a standardized set of questions to create a national measure of cervical spinal injury.

The question that is asked in this survey, however, is not an objective measurement of injury.

In fact, it is a question designed to gauge a childs level of risk for CSPIs.

While many studies have shown that children are not only at increased risk of CSPAs, but that they are also at a greater risk of experiencing other types of injury as well, this questionnaire is designed to measure a child`s level, rather than a child”s risk of injury itself.

While these questions do provide an indication of the level of a child�s risk, they do not provide an accurate measure of risk.

In other words, it would be extremely helpful to conduct a more objective assessment of risk, such as using more objective measures like risk-ratio ratios.

When it comes to the second question in this question (which is similar to the one I asked earlier), it asked, if you had any medical conditions.

The ACS says that, “Some conditions are known to increase risk of an event.

For example, certain medications or vaccines may increase risk for an event.”

The answer to this second question is “No.”

This answer reflects that there are not any known conditions that increase a child s risk for cervical spine injury.

While these questions are designed to provide an objective measure of a potential risk for the CSP, there is still more information that needs to be answered in order to really understand what cervical spine risk looks like.

One of the most important questions in this section is the question about the level at which a particular childs spinal cord was injured. For

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