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Neurodegeneration is the process by which the body’s cells break down and produce harmful chemicals.

While the exact cause of this process is unknown, it is believed that it is a result of the damage caused to the cells that are essential for life.

If the body is unable to repair damaged tissue, it can be seriously damaged.

The main symptoms of neurodegens can be seen as: weakness or weakness in joints, muscles, eyes, muscles in the head, and nerves in the body.

These can lead to: confusion, weakness, or paralysis of the limbs, legs, or face.

In some cases, they can lead the sufferer to fall or to break down into a coma.

Neurodegening conditions such as Parkinson’s disease, ALS, and Huntington’s disease can also be a result.

But these are only the most common types of neurocognitive disorders.

There are also conditions that can cause damage to the brain such as traumatic brain injury, multiple sclerosis, and Alzheimer’s disease.

These include: memory loss, dementia, depression, psychosis, and Parkinson’s.

These symptoms can cause a person to have trouble remembering things or to be more difficult to control.

These conditions can also affect a person’s behaviour.

As well as impairing a person in the way they think and communicate, they may cause problems with memory, attention, and concentration.

People with neurodegeners can also suffer from problems with balance, and memory loss can lead them to fall.

Some people with neurocognosia, or memory loss due to a neurodegen-related condition, have difficulties with the way in which they think or communicate.

This can include a feeling of being ‘locked in’, or being unable to focus on something else.

These are known as ‘loss of consciousness’.

It can also cause difficulty in recognising the thoughts, feelings, and emotions of others.

Some patients may have difficulty in forming and recognising their own thoughts and feelings, while others may have difficulties in expressing themselves.

Some neurodegenders may also experience changes in the structure and function of their brain.

These changes can include: difficulty in learning, problem-solving, and problem-skilling.

These problems can affect a patient’s ability to work, socialise, and concentrate.

A person with a neurocog-related disorder can also experience difficulties with their ability to make decisions, feel emotions, and be emotionally expressive.

These mental and physical changes can cause problems when it comes to managing their medical care.

Treatment of neuro-degenerating conditions can be very different depending on the patient.

Treatment for Parkinson’s and Huntington-related conditions are more likely to involve drugs such as Prozac, which are used to treat symptoms such as fatigue, insomnia, and loss of appetite.

But for other neurodegening diseases, such as depression, it may be better to start with medication and gradually increase doses.

If you or someone you know has any of these conditions, talk to your GP.

They can be particularly helpful in managing their condition and can be prescribed a range of medicines, which can help to manage symptoms, and also to manage their disease and other side effects.

Find out more about how to get treatment for neurodegened conditions

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