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Johns Hopkins neurology and neurology system has been able to help a paralyzed, blind man regain some use of both his legs.

Johns Hopkins is the first academic institution in the world to use a brain imaging system to track a paralyzed person’s brain activity as he moves his legs, allowing researchers to track when a limb loses a limb and when it gains one.

The system, developed by Johns Hopkins researchers, can use a special chip that uses a special combination of sensors and a computer vision system to see where the muscles in the body are and how they work.

The researchers say the method could be a way for people who are paralyzed to regain their mobility.

The chip is also being used in an effort to develop an implantable prosthetic that could enable people with spinal cord injuries to walk again.

The chip uses a unique combination of cameras and microphones to record brain activity during a person’s movements.

The sensors track how the muscles work together to maintain muscle tone and keep muscles loose, said Joshua Fong, a professor of neurology in Johns Hopkins’ School of Medicine and of neurosurgery and neurosurgeons at Johns Hopkins and one of the lead authors on the paper.

A video showing how the system works.

The researchers also created a virtual model of a paralyzed body.

The brain activity can be tracked over time.

If the chip is implanted in the person’s leg, the chip can track a person walking on the surface of the leg, Fong said.

It can also track muscle movements in the ankle and the ankle joint, which can help the chip understand how the limb is working.

The process is similar to a person sitting down, Fang said.

When the person moves his or her leg, it sends signals to a nearby brain chip that is tracking movement in the leg.

The system then converts those signals into electrical signals that the person sends to a computer.

Fong said the process could help people who have spinal cord injury, like people who suffer from stroke or spinal cord tumors.

The technology could also help people with other diseases that affect muscles, such as arthritis and diabetes.

Researchers said they hope the technique could be used in the future to help people paralyzed by stroke or brain tumors.

Johns Hopkins will start a clinical trial in early 2019, with a goal to have the chip implanted in about 80 patients.

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