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Cochran, who has been an assistant professor of neurology at the University of California at Los Angeles for more than two decades, was at the hospital where his son, Daniel Cochran Jr., was killed when he was struck by a vehicle in April.

The day of the accident, Cochran had just finished speaking at a rally in support of Trump and was walking to a hospital waiting room when he heard a loud thud and felt pain in his lower back, Cochrane told ABC News.

Cochran rushed to the scene and immediately recognized the man who had struck his son.

“I was just going to get him, but it was just too bad.

He had a lot of blood coming out of his head,” Cochran said.

He and his wife had been in the waiting room at the time of the crash.

“(He) was already in cardiac arrest and I knew he would never be able to breathe,” Cochrane said.

“I just knew something had to be done.”‘

I am very sorry’ Cochran told ABC affiliate KABC that he and his family “are very sorry” for the accident.

When asked if he has had any contact with the driver, Cochrant said, “No, not to my knowledge.”

When Cochran was asked if it was possible that he had a heart attack during the crash, he said, “Yes, absolutely.””

I’m not sure.

Maybe, yes,” Cochrant told KABC.

But he was unsure of what caused the heart attack.

After being treated at the scene, Cochravers son was flown to UCLA Medical Center where he died the next day.

Cochrane told KCBS that his son’s death was a personal tragedy and that he has been deeply affected by it.

He said he and other family members are now “really trying to move on.””

There is so much to be said for how I reacted and how I treated him,” Cochraven said.

Coral said he was surprised to learn that the driver in the accident was not the same person who had been arrested earlier in the week.

It is unclear whether the man has been charged in Cochrans death, and Cochran declined to elaborate on his involvement in the case.

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