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Anesthesiologist Dr. Shai Bock says his study of the brains of people who suffered brain injuries during combat, including the death of an American soldier, found a link between the brain damage and a change in their intelligence.

The research, published in The Lancet, used MRI scans to analyze the brains and other brain tissue of more than 6,000 people in the U.S. and Canada, and looked at a number of brain-imaging techniques.

The findings were presented at the Association for Neuroscience’s International Conference on Human Neuroscience.

Bock’s team found that a significant percentage of people with brain injuries showed a rise in their IQ scores, including some with severe brain injuries.

This increased intelligence led them to perform better on IQ tests.

Bocks findings have been widely reported, but his findings have received little scientific attention until now.

The latest study, led by neurology professor Andrew Schierberg, looked at about 20 different types of brain scans in people who had suffered injuries ranging from brain injuries to multiple concussions.

The scans were taken at the hospital, in the emergency department, or by a trained professional, according to the American Journal of Neurology.

They included scans of brain tissue and blood flow in the brain.

The team analyzed about 70,000 images, which revealed that a person’s IQ scores increased by about 10 points when they were exposed to trauma or brain injury.

They also found a small but significant increase in IQ scores among people who experienced trauma and brain injury but who also had mild brain injuries, such as a stroke or transient ischemic attack.

Schierberg and his team looked at brain tissue samples from people with severe traumatic brain injury and brains of those who were not.

Schierburg and his colleagues did the analysis on blood flow and other markers in the brains.

In a recent study published in the journal Neurology, they found that some of the changes in brain tissue showed up when the researchers examined the brain tissue.

They found that blood flow increased in areas of the brain associated with memory, concentration, and decision-making.

Brain trauma and traumatic brain injuries are known to affect the structure of the hippocampus, the part of the memory and executive functions that helps people maintain a focus on tasks.

It also affects other brain regions.

It is believed that brain injury can cause changes in the way the brain functions, especially in the hippocampus.

Brock University neurologist Dr. Andrew P. Schick said in a press release that he was impressed with Schierberts findings.

“We are interested in understanding how the brain can become more resilient to damage and how that can help people who are in a vulnerable position,” he said.

“Brain injury and brain trauma may both affect how we function in everyday life.

The brain is an organ, not a computer, so it is important to know that when it is damaged, it has the potential to damage your brain and that it is possible to repair damage.

This research is an important step toward this goal.”

Bock said that the results could lead to new treatments for traumatic brain and traumatic injury.

He said it was important for people who suffer from brain trauma to seek professional help.

Schick said there were many other ways people could learn more about brain injury, including from people who have had surgery or suffered a traumatic brain stroke.

He also said it could be helpful for people to have a baseline IQ test before taking a riskier treatment.

In a statement to ABC News, Dr. Jennifer Rauch, chief medical officer of the American Association for Neurology said that Schierberger’s research shows that people can learn more from their own brain injury than from doctors.

“These brain-based imaging techniques have the potential for saving lives by enabling doctors to better assess the condition of their patients before and during surgery and other critical procedures,” she said.

Dr. Bock said he hopes his research will help people make better decisions about their health care, and that he hopes to use the findings to help people manage brain injury themselves.

“Our patients will benefit from these new imaging techniques and this research will give them the tools they need to make better health-care decisions,” he told ABC News.

“As we move forward in this field, we should be thinking about how our brains work and what they can tell us about our own health,” Bock added.

Bocker is a member of the Neuroscientists for Brain Health and Brain Health Research Collaborative, which has been conducting brain imaging studies for the past several years.

He and his co-author, neurologist and neuroscientist Drs.

David L. Kallenberg and Robert M. Stahl, are co-chairmen of the group.

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