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The brain is the heart of the body, and the human brain is a complex organ.

But when it comes to dementia, there are some common factors that can make it more likely to happen.

This article is a summary of what we know about the risk factors for dementia.

Brain disease and dementia: What you need to know article Neurodegenerative diseases like Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s have been shown to affect brain structure, function and function.

And in some cases, it’s the changes to brain tissue that are the most significant.

But how can dementia be prevented?

A team of researchers from the University of Birmingham and the University at Albany has identified four common genetic factors that may increase the risk of dementia.

One of these factors is a gene known as OCA2.

The other two are called OCA1 and OCA4.

OCA is an acronym for oxytocin receptor alpha and beta, and they are involved in a number of important functions.

The researchers identified these genes as a key risk factor for dementia and have now used these genes to develop an Alzheimer’s vaccine and an Alzheimer disease vaccine.

The vaccine is being tested in humans, and this vaccine is one of the best and most promising.

The Alzheimer’s disease vaccine, called ALV, is currently being tested against two of the genes that are involved with OCA.

In humans, OCA can cause the brain to change and eventually stop functioning.

It’s a major change that causes cognitive impairment.

The scientists have found that if a person has an OCA-1 gene, they will have a higher risk of developing dementia and dementia later on.

But if a gene is found to be OCA 1, the risk will be lower, because it will be more likely that people with an Oca1 gene will have mild cognitive impairment, or normal cognition.

The same goes for the Alzheimer disease vaccines.

One gene that is OCA 2 can cause a more severe cognitive impairment that could affect memory.

But it can also cause mild cognitive impairments that could improve memory.

The reason why the risk for dementia is increased by OCA genes is that they are known to have certain protective mechanisms.

One is called microglia, which are white blood cells that are part of the immune system.

Microglia have protective proteins that help them fight infection.

In people with Oca2 gene, microglial activity can lead to the production of more of the protein called microproliferative protein-1, which protects the brain.

But people with the Oca4 gene are at increased risk for cognitive impairment because the protein is more reactive to infection and it inhibits microproli.

The risk of cognitive impairment increases when Oca genes are also present in people with Alzheimer’s or Parkinson’s.

Researchers also found that people who have the OCA3 gene, which is also known as Lp16, have a lower risk of Alzheimer’s, and people with both Oca gene variants have a slightly higher risk.

These studies suggest that people are at greater risk for the development of Alzheimer and Parkinson types of dementia if they have a Oca3 gene.

There are other genes that could be involved in Alzheimer’s.

One that is known as RhoA2 can cause Alzheimer’s-like symptoms in people who do not have Oca 2 or Oca 4 genes.

Rho A2 can also lead to dementia and Alzheimer’s in people whose brain tissue changes in the same way that Oca 1 does.

But in some people, Rho can also decrease the risk.

And the researchers also found other genes associated with Alzheimer disease that are not linked to Oca.

For example, researchers have found a gene that can protect neurons against apoptosis, which means that cells are dying or dying without any cells being able to repair themselves.

So in these cases, a gene might be able to reduce the number of cells that can die and that will increase the likelihood of developing Alzheimer’s later on, the researchers said.

They found that the Rho gene was associated with a lower frequency of Alzheimer disease, but it was also associated with lower cognitive impairment and mild cognitive disability.

Other genes that can affect the risk Factors in the brain that affect the chance of developing or developing dementia include: Age at onset: Some genes can change as we age, so older people with higher levels of certain genes can have a greater risk of being diagnosed with dementia.

In one study, researchers at the University College London, in collaboration with the Alzheimer’s Disease Research Foundation, found that having higher levels, on average, of a gene called BDNF was associated the higher the risk a person had of developing an early-onset dementia.

BDNF is a protein that is also involved in nerve cells.

The protein is made by the immune cells in the spinal cord, which helps the brain’s electrical activity and nerve cell growth.

Researchers were able to find a gene in people over 65 years old that increased the risk

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