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Posted September 23, 2018 06:06:17The brain, like every other organ, has its own special set of cells.

These cells work to create, or repair, neural circuits.

As the brain ages, this process gets harder and harder, as new cells are needed to maintain neural connections and prevent the deterioration of brain cells.

Neuroscientists have known for a long time that a number of brain-related diseases are linked to changes in brain function.

But until now, there has been little data on the relationship between age, sex, and neurology.

A team led by neuroscientist Marissa Juhasz from the University of California, Berkeley, recently published a study that examined whether changes in age and sex predict changes in the number of new neurologic cases.

They found that a woman’s age was not a reliable predictor of a woman developing a neurological condition, but age was the most reliable predictor for a woman getting a neurological procedure in her lifetime.

The researchers also found that sex was not reliable in predicting whether a woman would have a neurological complication.

The study, published online today in Neurology, also found a link between the age of a patient and the likelihood of having a neurological surgery.

In the study, the researchers looked at 1,000 patients with neurological disorders, including Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, and Lou Gehrig’s disease.

Of the patients with a diagnosis of a neurological disorder, women were more likely to have a procedure than men.

In general, older women were less likely to get a procedure and less likely have a complication than younger women.

“Women with neurologic disorders are more likely than men to get procedures, and older women are more than twice as likely to go on to have complications,” said Juhisz.

“We know that older women have a higher prevalence of neurodevelopmental problems, including learning disabilities and Alzheimer’s disease, and we know that they are at greater risk of complications from neurological procedures.”

The study is the first to look at whether age is associated with a woman having a procedure in the lifetime of her neurologic patient.

The next step is to determine if age is a reliable marker of women’s risk for complications in the future, she said.

Juhysz also said the study suggests that older adults, particularly women, should be encouraged to get more treatment and to get their brains checked more often to make sure they have the correct types of neural circuits in their brains.

“As women age, their brains are getting bigger, and their brains do not have as many healthy neural connections,” she said, “so getting a neurologic procedure sooner is important for them.”

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