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With the diagnosis of epilepsy, the medical community begins to work towards finding the cause of the condition.

In fact, many doctors in the US, including some in the field of neurology are calling for a paradigm shift in the way they approach epilepsy treatment.

For the first time, researchers are taking a new approach to the treatment of epilepsy that can help identify the underlying genetic causes and identify the optimal treatment for the patient.

“It’s a paradigm change,” said Dr. Paul D’Ambrosio, an associate professor at the University of South Florida’s school of medicine.

“We’re treating epilepsy as a disease, not a disease as a disorder.”

D’Amato is one of several neurologists who have advocated for the shift in how epilepsy is treated.

“I have to say I think that’s a great move,” he said.

“If we can identify the genetic cause of epilepsy and use that to identify the right treatment, it would be the greatest thing we’ve done in decades.”

The approach is called neurogenetics, and it relies on a genetic algorithm to figure out what genes are responsible for a particular type of epilepsy.

This algorithm then helps doctors identify specific treatments for specific epilepsy disorders, which in turn could lead to a more efficient and effective treatment for patients.

D’amato’s team has been working on this new approach for some time, and they believe it can significantly reduce the cost and risk associated with epilepsy treatment in the United States.

“The cost of epilepsy drugs is a fraction of what it used to be,” he told FoxNews.com.

“Now, the drug companies are spending billions of dollars to fight epilepsy.

And it’s the cost that we’re paying for our children that keeps them from getting epilepsy.”

The algorithm, developed by the University at Buffalo, is based on a novel genetic algorithm known as the “Steroid Targeting Program” (STP).

The STP is a method that is commonly used in the pharmaceutical industry, and the researchers say it is an excellent approach to studying epilepsy and finding new drugs.

The team used their algorithm to develop a method to identify mutations in the genetic code that can be used to identify a particular seizure disorder, as well as the specific genetic mutations that lead to it.

The goal of the study is to find genetic variations that predispose epilepsy patients to develop epilepsy and, ultimately, develop a new drug that could improve their treatment.

The method is not perfect.

It takes into account a patient’s age and the severity of the epilepsy they have, but it is a far more accurate way to find mutations than the other methods.

And while it has the advantage of identifying genetic variants that could be used in a clinical trial, D’AMATO says that the method could be misused in some cases, leading to false positives.

But his team is confident that it can help.

“There are a lot of genetic variants [that] predispose people to develop this disease, and we’re hoping that this method will help us identify them,” D’Alessandro said.

He hopes to have a prototype of the algorithm ready to show to epilepsy researchers soon.

“This is a very important step,” Dabrosio said.

The new method will also help researchers to understand the genes that are involved in epilepsy, and can be targeted for therapeutic effects in the future.

Researchers have been using the STP to identify epilepsy mutations, and have shown that it identifies genetic variants which have previously been found to be associated with a variety of other epilepsy conditions, including multiple sclerosis and bipolar disorder.

The researchers are now looking to see if they can also find genetic variants associated with other diseases, such as asthma and diabetes.

“With a lot more information, we can find more effective treatments and find new targets for those treatments,” DABROSIO said.

If the results prove to be useful, the researchers are planning to conduct further studies to see how the algorithm works in humans.

“Hopefully we can show the value of this new technique and maybe it can lead to something in the next few years that could save millions of lives,” DDABSO said.

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