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Lawrenceville neurologist Lawrence R. Rauh, MD, PhD, and colleagues recently published the first scientific article to show that the human brain has a large number of brain cells that work independently of one another and act independently of the body.

The findings were published in the American Journal of Physiology by researchers at Lawrenceville and the University of Wisconsin.

They found that a brain cell called a microglial cell is responsible for all of the cells in the brain.

Microglia are the small white cells in our brains that help us fight infection.

Microglia act like microchips in the human body.

Microchips are tiny electrical chips that transmit information from one part of our body to another.

Microchip scientists can learn how to make them with specialized microchipping machines.

In their study, the team showed that microglia in the brains of mice were able to distinguish between a red and a blue light source, and were able do this even after being exposed to different types of light.

This ability was observed even after mice were given the drugs used to treat Parkinson’s disease.

The researchers also found that microchipped mice showed more activity in a part of the brain called the dorsal anterior cingulate cortex.

They showed that neurons in this area of the cortex were able not only to learn, but also to make new connections to other neurons in the same area.

In humans, the number of microglias is unknown.

It has been suggested that there may be hundreds of thousands of these cells in each person’s brain.

The team did not have a clear answer on how many neurons in a person’s brains.

Previous studies have shown that in humans, microgliae are the largest organs in the bodies brain.

Microchips, which were originally created for medical use, are now being used in a wide range of applications.

For example, microchip technology is used to create smart contact lenses, which can accurately read people’s face.

Microchip chips are used to make a chip to read the human skin, the eye, and the tongue.

Micrographic technology has also become widely available in the last decade.

These micrographic chips, which are made by adding small electrical charges, are used in digital photography, medical imaging, and in a variety of industries.

Micrographic displays are also used to read people on a cellphone or tablet.

The Lawrenceville team showed how microgliat cells in humans could learn to recognize blue light and to make connections between two different lights.

They were able even after receiving the drugs that were used to improve Parkinson’s.

This new research, published in a scientific journal, has important implications for the way researchers study the human brains.

Previous studies have suggested that in the nervous system, microgiant cells can help to learn from experience.

However, these findings suggest that microgia can also learn from our environment.

Microbrain cells in people have been shown to learn to use certain tools such as the fingers, the tongue, and a finger tip.

However it is unknown how microgias use these tools to learn.

This is important because if microgiacs learn to make these tools, it could be very useful for future studies.

Microbiologists are interested in the role of microgiat cells and microgliodes in the evolution of the human nervous system.

The research also suggests that some of the microgiodes may have evolved as an alternative source of nutrition, since they can be found in certain foods.

These new findings highlight the importance of understanding how microorganisms interact with the human environment and in the development of new therapies for the human condition.

They also help to understand the biological mechanisms of disease and the role that they play in disease progression.###

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